This is an amazing look at “loving your neighbor.” I enjoy reading the posts over at Tearmatt, because it is raw, real, and from the heart. This one is just as great, and since I have a theology blog, I thought it appropriate to share it (It helps that one of my favorite movies of all time, “Back to the Future”, is mentioned!).
A word of warning for my more sensitive readers, there is one spot of strong language toward the end (about his motorcycle).

P u l p e d M a c h i n a

When I was there I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and each day seemed to last a life time! Then as soon as I left, school became a distant memory filled with nostalgia. To think that for the most part of our lives we were sat down listening to a teacher tell us facts, that apparently we needed to know!? Certainly in some cases this is true, however I can honestly say that I paid little to no attention in the class room. I spent the majority of my time outside in the class hallway being screamed at by Mrs Cook (a nemesis of mine from my infamous teenage years).I was too disruptive, I needed to pay more attention, stop day dreaming and being captivated by the weeping willow tree, that looked incredible when blowing in a fierce October wind, just across the field of my English…

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