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The Night Before

The Recovering Legalist

Just imagine with me… What would it have been like the night before the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Tomorrow is Easter, the day that we celebrate the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. But here it is the night before, the night before the celebrations, and few of us have any idea of the sense of total despair the followers of Jesus must have been experiencing on this night – the night before.

For three and a half years his disciples had followed Him around, listening to His stories, His parables, and His prayers. They had witnessed miracle after miracle which should have confirmed to them His claims to be the Messiah. Yet, just two days ago they witnessed the supposed Son of God, the “resurrection and the life” (that’s what he told Mary and Martha, you know, on the day He raised Lazarus from the dead), betrayed, beaten, falsely convicted, and…

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If Footprints Could Talk

The Recovering Legalist

Footprint 1: Hey! You look just like me!

Footprint 2: Yeah. So?

F1: I just think it’s cool, because we must have been made by the same Walker.

F2: Excuse me? You believe in a Walker? Are you an idiot?

F1: Uh, well, it would seem logical to assume that since we are both footprints, there must be a Walker who made us…at least Someone with feet.

F2: You’re full of fungus, you uneducated, illiterate, mind-numbed hole in the ground! Show me the proof! Go ahead, I’m waiting. Where’s your proof there’s a Walker?

F1: You’re being serious, aren’t you?

F2: Of course! You come aroun here bothering me with all this talk of a Walker who made me, but where is he? Where’s your proof he exists?

F1: You. Me.

F2: Jesus Christ! Oh my god!! Is that the best you’ve got? You simpleton! I could give you a…

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All I Need

Yep. Good stuff.

The Recovering Legalist

We have moved into our new, temporary abode, but I don’t have my computer set up. My wife does, but she’s more important than me – she does taxes.
So, the following is either being written or texted by voice on my iPhone, therefore please forgive me if there are any errors.

Anyway, the last night that I stayed at the house where we used to live, I slept there with hardly anything in the house that belonged to us; most everything except bulky stuff had been boxed up and hauled away.

I looked over into the open closet, and there was nothing there but one set of clothes and a pair of shoes that I was going to wear the next day.

I looked up from the bed that I was lying on and saw the ceiling above me, keeping the rain that was falling hard outside from falling…

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Resigning to Trust My Shepherd

If you wish to know how to pray for one of my friends and Brother in Christ, here is Anthony’s plea. Please join me in lifting our Brother and his family up in the Lord, for guidance, wisdom, peace, and faith.
In Christ.


The Recovering Legalist

Most of the time I can enter the title of a post before I begin to write it. In this case I don’t know what to call it. All I know to to do is start writing and let things fall into place.

That’s sort of where I am in life, right now; I don’t know where I am going, but I had to get going to find out.

Old News

By the time you read this post, someone in my former congregation will have read aloud my formal resignation as Pastor of Riverside Baptist Church – at least I hope they read it…all of it. It took me a couple of hours to craft it, all 1,026 words worth, and some of the words were painful to write. However, it had to be done.


In my resignation letter I focused on two main themes. First, it was important…

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The Better Question

Anthony’s thoughts reminded me of what has been keeping me going this year:
“The joy of the Lord is my strength. The joy of the Lord is my strength. In the darkness I’ll dance, in the shadows I’ll sing. The JOY of the LORD is my strength!”
~Rend Collective

It is remembering what Jesus DID that brings me joy and gives me strength!


The Recovering Legalist

When looking for answers to our problems, many times we ask the question, “What would Jesus do?”

A better question might be, “What did Jesus do?”

“But we preach Christ crucified…” – 1 Corinthians 1:23

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The One Truth About Pastors You Need to Hear

As one who serves in ministry, as ordained pastor and lay leader, I will confirm what is written here by Matthew.
Please read this post and the comments that have already been added by others. Perhaps this will help you in your own walk, whether pastor or pew-filler!

The Recovering Legalist

The following guest post was submitted by Matthew Malin, a young man who blogs over at Confessions: Bringing to light that which is hidden. As a matter of disclosure, I did not ask Matthew to write this, nor did I edit what he wrote. So… All I can say is that somebody’s evidently been around the block and knows what he’s talking about.

I’ve been a pastor’s child for 17 of the 23 years I’ve been on this earth. I’m not writing this article to tell you that it’s been completely easy. I’m also not here to inform you that it was hell on earth. It was neither easy nor hell but rather a comfortable middle, I suppose.

Out of the many years spent watching my mother and father traverse the rocky waters of ministry has come a longing for “outsiders” to know what it’s like. Sometimes, if I’m…

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Letting Go Of My Popcorn

I know I needed this this week. Now, I share this story with you.


The Isaiah 53:5 Project

It was a cold January night and I was finally meeting with a new friend whom I’d met months earlier and neglected to contact. My life was falling apart and I needed a friend who shared my faith, one who I could gain wisdom from. As we sat and ate dinner at the neighborhood bar and grill, she asked me what I was still holding on to, what I hadn’t been willing to give up to God. I thought on the question for a few moments and she took the basket of popcorn from the middle of the table and began to use it to illustrate her point.

She explained that when we become Christians, we give up some of the things in our life to God, but we reluctantly hold onto others, the ones we aren’t ready to lose control of. She took a handful of the popcorn and…

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